19 April 2007

Milk & Cereal

I'm off to see G. Love and Special Sauce in Bristol next month. This is a video of two students miming to a song that G. Love and Special Sauce have never released on an album. I later found out the students were from Virginia Tech. I'm sure they have long since left. I've found it hard to even comprehend what's happened over there. It's just something I don't want to dwell on. It's strange the way these things still prick our consciences.

28 February 2007


This is my favourite place to fly a kite. On the cliffs above Kynance Cove which is part of The Lizard, England's most southerly point. I've had a white kite, from a shop called Cornish Kites in the small village of Mullion, for well over 10 years now. It was hand made by the owner of the shop. I had to take it back to be mended after one of the struts snapped after one to many altercations with the ground. The guy who'd made it was surprised to see it, he told me it was a rare kite as he hadn't made many white ones. In the picture I'm flying a more colourful kite I have because I thought it'd be more visible. Yet this one is mass produced and harder to fly. I'm sure there's some sort of moral or lesson in that somewhere!

We were visiting The Lizard not for one of our family holidays but for an entirely different reason altogether, to scatter my brother's ashes. Now a family holiday to The Lizard would involve visits to the following places, but not in any particular order: Cadgwith and the pub, Coverack for the attractions of the Harbour Lights Cafe and an ice cream from the Loft shop, Kynance Cove and Church Cove usually whilst walking the coastal path, Mullion and Mullion Cove sitting in a patch of sun on the harbour wall, reading, or just taking in the scenes unfolding before you, only being interrupted by the necessity of an ice cream or cup of tea from the cafe there and of course the trip to the most southerly cafe for the obligatory cream tea.

As you can hopefully tell it holds good memories for us all and I was able to take comfort from that when being faced with such a difficult reason for being there this time. I found my body relaxing but my emotions being pounded. There's just something about being on The Lizard that seems to make time slow to a crawl and force your body to do the same.

After the trip to court to hear justice being dispensed the needle was bent right past empty way passed the red. I'm taking it easy, recharging and getting my head together. This post is part of that process.

10 February 2007

News from Down Under

I would like to direct you to The Courier Mail for an article that caused me mild amusement.

09 February 2007

I don't like cricket, I love it.

Well this will have to be a quick post I am currently sat at my desk in work. I have been listening to the commentary of the one day international cricket final between Australia and England. After months of sledging from the Aussies England have won the first of three matches that make up the final. The words "egg on your face" spring to mind. Always sweet to beat the Aussies, even more so when they were expecting a walk in the park.

Whilst on the subject of cricket the cricket world cup is just around the corner. I have seen mentions of a fantasy world cup cricket game and I thought about setting up a league for anyone that would like to enter a team.

19 January 2007

Monitoring Monthly

I was listening to the News Quiz on Radio 4, it usually induces a chuckle or two, but this particularly newspaper cutting from Monitoring Monthly hit the spot!

"A Merseyside man suffering from erectile dysfunction went to turkey to be fit with an implant which when triggered by a small radio transmitter helps to overcome the problem. Unfortunately on his return home he found it was on the same frequency as his neighbor’s remote garage door opener."

04 January 2007

A New Year

I'm back from my holiday wanderings and how glad I am to have had them. My travels have taken Jen and I to Bristol and then down to Helford in Cornwall. Gregory did us proud, he was no trouble at all, raising surprise in some quarters!

I loved being able to get away and disconnect myself from the outside world. For those Harry Potter fans out there it feels a bit like that font thing Dumbledore has where he can pour out his thoughts and make space in his head. A lot of reading was done curled up on a sofa in front of a wood burning fire only broken by the needs of food and sleep.

Hope to put some pictures up soon, but wanted to say welcome to 007.